Nanobubbles Designed for a Greener, More Productive World

Major environmental problems demand scalable, sustainable and economically viable solutions. Our mission is to provide that type of transformation through our enhanced nanobubble technology. These tiny bubbles make it simple and affordable to clean up wastewater and improve the oil production process. And this is only the beginning!

Here’s the story of how we’re using this technology to change our world for the better.

Discovering a World-Changing Opportunity

Len Bland had seen it all before, or so he thought. As the CEO of Concept Equity Group, he’d helped secure millions in investment for entrepreneurs with revolutionary inventions. But when he came across nanobubble technology, it completely amazed him. Never had he found a solution with such world-changing implications.

The method was simple yet powerful. By injecting trillions of tiny bubbles of gas into a liquid, one could dramatically alter the characteristics of the liquid. Len realized how effective this could be as a wastewater treatment solution. And best of all, it was much less expensive and safer for the environment than many other common treatment methods.

Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity, Len recruited two of his colleagues, Jeff Hardin and Scott Fiedler, and together they started Nano Gas™ Technologies in 2013. Then they set to work experimenting with nanobubble technology to maximize its effectiveness.

Creating Superior Nanobubble Technology

Nanobubbles were already revolutionary when Len, Jeff and Scott discovered them. Many scientific papers showed the massive potential for the technology. So, the team set out to make nanobubbles the best they could be.

One of the main problems with nanobubble generators is their tendency to clog and not work well in polluted water. The team realized this was happening because of the membranes used to create the nanobubbles. The patented Nano Gas™ invention generated nanobubbles without a membrane. As a result, Nano Gas™ systems are the best solution available for treating dirty water.

We’ve also broken through other barriers in the nanobubble production process. For example, many providers produce bubbles through cavitation, which limits the gases the bubbles can contain to hydrogen and oxygen. In contrast, we create our nanobubbles through a process that allows enables the use of a wide variety of gases. Our technology also has a multiplier effect that makes it up to 75 times more scalable than other nanobubble generators.

Impacting Major Industries

With this technology in hand, we were ready to make the world a better place. But we knew we couldn’t be everywhere all at once. So, instead, our team chose to focus on industries where we knew we could make the biggest environmental impact.

The oil and gas industry held huge promise since it produces over 12 billion gallons of polluted water every day. The Nano Gas™ system makes a vast difference by making that water reusable in the oil production process. Nanobubbles also help with enhanced oil recovery.

When the pandemic put a temporary stop to our oil and gas efforts, we shifted our attention to rural wastewater. The Nano Gas™ system cleans and restores rural lagoons at a fraction of the cost and much more effectively than conventional bubbling or dredging techniques.

Here are just some of the major milestones we’ve achieved in these industries so far:

  • Oil Production Testing with PCT – The lab results from a 12-month contract showed recovery of heavy oil with dramatically reduced energy.
  • Oil Production Testing with Maverick Energy Services – Our field tests significantly increased oil well and heavy oil production without the use of energy-intensive steam.
  • Municipal Lagoon Wastewater Treatment with Alpha Omega Resources – Our solutions eliminated methane in one day and remediated surface algae in four days. As a result, we increased the capacity by 36% and restored wildlife to the lagoon.
  • Produced Water Treatment with WellKnows – We are currently pursuing major oil company water treatment in South America.
  • Manufacturing Secured with Easy Energy Systems – Easy Energy builds modular solutions to solve climate change.

Meet the Nano Gas™ Environmental Team


Len Bland

Founder & CEO

Previously, Len co-founded Patracorp, which now has 2,000 employees. Len earned 600x return on his investment. Elsewhere, he helped entrepreneurs raise millions as the owner of Concept Equity Group and served as VP of Sales for a Silicon Valley software vendor.


Dave Shimp


Dave created Pegasus Soil Solutions to provide advanced agricultural nutrition. In addition, as a senior manager at McKinsey, he worked with the newly hired chairman to successfully restructure the largest Chapter 11 in Federal bankruptcy history. He also helped grow a startup from 60 to over 2000 people in two years.


Jeff Hardin

Chief Scientist

Jeff has successfully founded and exited six businesses. He also built the first institutionally funded viatical (Life) settlement company based on viruses like AIDS and SARS, earning a 67% IRR. Elsewhere, he founded a bottled water company and worked on hydrolysis kinetics as a chemist at Buckman Labs.


Scott A. Fiedler

VP Manufacturing
  • Executive, Water Filtration Manufacturer
  • Designed equipment for McDonald’s
  • 25 years of advance manufacturing and operations

Al Darzins, PhD

VP Research & Development
  • President and COO, Proteos, Inc.
  • R&D Director, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
  • Senior Research Manager, DuPont

Louis Morimanno, P.Eng.

Canadian Sales Director
  • Founder & CEO, LRM Enviro-Solutions Inc
  • Special Project Manager – Region Europe, Omya AG
  • Sales Director for Eastern Canada and Technical Director, DuBois Canada

Looking to a Brighter Future

It’s easy to be optimistic about Nano Gas™ solutions. After all, they’re solutions where everybody wins. Both companies and the environment win because our services are less expensive and safer than alternative options. And most of all, investors win because Nano Gas™ systems will jump in demand as more companies discover their superiority.

For all these reasons, we welcome more people to join our mission as we expand our impact around the globe. Oil, gas and wastewater lagoons are only the beginning. We’re looking to positively transform other industries, such as aquaculture, mining, paper and more. Will you join us?

Join Our Mission to Clean Up Our World

These revolutionary nanobubble applications are only the beginning. We also plan to transform industries like aquaculture, mining, pulp and paper and more!

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